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How Will I Make It in School If I Can’t Pass a Urine Test?


Now how is this for a pickle?  My parents are threatening to cut off support for my education, if I can’t pass a urine test. now I am where you should because I’ve studied so hard in school and I don’t know where to find a fake penis like Mike Tyson had! Now, I am worried as shit!

This friend of mine,  highly recommended this e-book because it helped him with his probation, and I have to agree that there is a lot of information on the Internet that contradicts itself if you keep searching around, in fact if you keep searching you will eventually search yourself into the point where you are just answering the question that you wanted to ask, but giving you the correct answer because you don’t want to be sweating out your next urine test.

I know that doesn’t sound like that make much sense at all, but I’m worried and paranoid and my parents are freaking out!! Does anybody know what I can do? I mean, so what I’ve smoked a little pot? So of millions of other Americans and it’s basically legal everywhere except South Carolina and Georgia… yet still I’m sweating this damn urine test!

Dammit,  can someone just leave some comments on my blog and tell me what the right thing to do is?

So worried,

How I beat my drug tests on probation!

There are a lot of formulas out there that tell they help you pass a drug snd with today’s modern tests  is not as easy just guzzling water. If your probation officer or your boss doesn’t see some you are creatine (it is what makes your urine look) yellow. Remember,  if your probation officer has and inkling that you may be attempting to mess with the results it may lead back to further testing.

You might want to read our helpful FAQ,  on exactly what you need to be doing to pass your next urine test.

Here is a little bit about me,  I am the author of Beat Any Drug Test,  it is the most informative “how to” instruction manual on how to never get busted again.

Products such as “carbo-quick” which was really popular back in the day, there are similar products like it that worked even better in my opinion and I will bring you a list of some hand-picked ones and will actually test them and show you the results on YouTube!

Drug screenings are not just for criminals, if you read today’s report from  Major League Baseball, you can see that even today’s multimillion dollar athletes are on the hot seat too.

So, don’t be caught with your pants down ( literally), get the facts that you need from

How do I beat a urine test?

Hi, I started this blog because I really want to know how to be urine tests once and for all. I am currently on probation and I can’t go on Facebook or Twitter because I am scared my probation officer is watching me.

I was in the military and honorably discharged. After I got out I got some trouble for simple possession of marijuana but they put me on supervised probation for two years. I like to smoke pot occasionally and I also take Norcos for my back problems that I incurred while I was serving my country, both of which would show positive on a urine test.

I am kind of new to blogging, but I figured in on his blog would be a good way to gather information and maybe talk with others about their experiences with probation and drug testing. I have purchased one e-book that I thought helped me a lot if you follow the instructions exactly and I also could recommend some new nutrients and supplements, but I am far from an expert.

Feel free to leave your comments and share info or advice you have with dealing with the kind of situation I am in right now. I am sure that I am not the only person going through problems like this at present moment. I am not a criminal, I just want to take my medications and just want to be left alone by the powers that be, but most importantly I can’t afford to fail a urine test because that would cost my freedom. The ironic part is that something that I’ve fought for this country to keep in intact.

Thanks for your time,